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Our Work

System Upgrades and Enhancements

  • Resize OR Cloud Capacity
  • Vivarium Management System Enhancements
  • Upgrade COI System
  • Upgrade Animal Research Protocol System

System, Process and Data Security

  • Analyze NUANCE data workflow
  • Sponsored Research CMMC Level 1 Compliance Pilot
  • Retire SSL VPN in OR

Efficiency/ROI Studies

  • Evaluate alternatives to Northwestern Scholars
  • Evaluate ROI on Master Animal Research Protocol

Data and Systems Migrations

  • Migrate Help Desk from Fooprints to Team Dynamics
  • Migrate from Box to OneDirve/SharePoint
  • Migrate Research Integrity Data to RDSS

System Implementation

  • Build CERES Integrations
  • Implement eShipGlobal for Export Controls and Compliance
  • Implement Dakota Compliance Software
  • Build NIH Data Sharing Compliance
  • IRB Compliance System
  • CCM Rodent Health Satellite